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Caring for Childhood in the UAE is considered one of the inherited values in the emirati community. As such, the UAE has been very keen to consolidate these values by establishing a supportive legislation structure which contributes to promote and encourage children towards their national duties and being aware of their rights and at the same time be productive, creative and play effective roles in the community.

The United Arab Emirates realizes the importance of societal awareness of child rights, enables every individual or entity to take full responsibility towards the protection of these rights, to the same extent that it recognizes the importance of education as a necessity that precedes accountability; many violations that happen due to the lack of awareness of these rights can be avoided or discovered earlier in an educated community with the rights of children. Accordingly, the Ministry of Community Development adopted an awareness strategy including children, families, educators and specialists as well as all the community members to provide a simple explanation of the Federal Law No. (3) of 2016 concerning the Child Rights Law “Wadeema”; and address all the members of the society.

The principles of this law are based on the upbringing of the child on the culture of human fraternity, protecting best interests by making the child’s interest above all consideration, in addition to maintaining the child's right in life, survival and development, providing him/her with all the available opportunities to make children enjoy their free and secured life and their involvement in different social areas according to their age and advanced capabilities so they can grow on the love of work, initiatives and self-reliance.

The United Arab Emirates is also very keen to keep up all its efforts in the field of child rights in line with international legislations and standards in this regard; it has also sought to study and evaluate the situation of family and childhood, and raise them to the best levels by adhering to the best international standards for children protection and care, promoting their rights. The UAE also affirmed its consistent policy towards supporting children, fulling their demands, requirements and rights to be included in its national and development plans.

Child Rights Guidelines