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UAE President's Initiatives

New Social Subsidy Program

A government subsidy and monthly social benefits to enhance the standard living of citizens and achieve the wellbeing of all the members of the community. It also enables beneficiaries to meet both economic and living requirements. The new social subsidy program includes: children's allowance, education allowance, housing allowance and periodic increases.

The activation of the new social subsidy program will be announced through the official channels of the Ministry.

Inflation Subsidies

Inflation Subsidies: a government flexible and variable monthly subsidy for low-income Emirati families to raise their wellbeing and cope with the worldwide rise in fuel, food, electricity and water prices. The subsidies come in line with the latest economic and social developments in the UAE to meet the living standard needs. The subsidy value provided to beneficiaries includes: fuel subsidy, food subsidy, electricity and water subsidy.

The Ministry of Community Development began implementing the fuel subsidy on July, followed by the food subsidy on August, electricity and water subsidy starting from the September 2022 consumption bill.

All subsidies are submitted through the website of the Ministry of Community Development:

To apply for the service Click here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Details about the Inflation Subsidies