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Gamification Techniques

Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) supports its services with gamification techniques, which means applying game elements and digital game design techniques to achieve goals and solve problems in other fields outside the context of games such as media, marketing and education.

 Ministry of Community Development and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) launched jointly KidX, a digital platform for children. The platform targets children and adolescents through an interactive digital environment using games and virtual reality technologies to raise children’s awareness of the UAE government and encourage them to express their views on the services, as well as deal with smart government and smart cities.

The platform engages the children in adventures with the aim to inform them of the government entities and services of interest to the community, while urging them to be positive and supportive members of the community’s happiness. The platform’s concept also takes into consideration the rights of the child, especially the right to access all information that brings knowledge to them as set forth in the Wadeema Law. In addition to the website, KidX is also available through the applications on Google Play and iTunes.