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Year Of Giving Initiatives

S. No. Name of Initiative Summary Of the Initiative
1 National Volunteering Center It is the official umbrella of the federal government , responsible for organizing the volunteering activities in the UAE and overseeing them , in addition to the functions of training, statistics , preparation and publishing of studies and reports related to the volunteering work in the UAE and administrating the National Volunteering Platform.
2 National Volunteering Platform It is an internet platform , aiming at expanding the volunteering work scope in the UAE. The Platform acts as a mediator between those wishing to volunteer and the opportunities for volunteering , whether in the public or private sectors.
3 Professional Volunteer Work Program This program solicits the professionals, i.e. doctors, engineers and other professionals to volunteer their time and invest their experiences in the community service.
4 National Program For Training and Qualifying the volunteers A set of training, qualification and education programs, implemented on phases in various volunteering fields for enhancing volunteers' skills and capabilities.
5 Volunteering Forum This Forum targets the volunteers and institutions for participation and presents the best practices in the field of volunteering work.
6 National Volunteering Strategy 2021 It is the national strategy for developing the volunteering work in the UAE through promoting the volunteering culture , organizing and licensing the teams and individuals working in the volunteering field, and motivating the communication between the government and private firms and the community.
7 Giving Points A program of points calculated based on the financial value of the volunteering work , number of volunteering hours and other criteria related to the volunteering activities.
8 Disclosure of Companies' Volunteering Efforts Program A joint program between the federal government and private sector aiming at subjecting the companies to a measure based on number of their employees compared with number of the volunteering hour performed by the company per year.
9 Participation of  government staff in the volunteering work Establishing policies and mechanisms to motivate the federal government personnel as well as those of the local governments to participate in the volunteering work , to include them in the volunteering legislations , and develop them within the legislative system route related to year of giving objectives , particularly in the local legislations of the human resources management at the local government departments.
10 Opportunities of giving in the government departments The federal and local government departments identify the volunteering opportunities for all government categories, including all the fields.
11 Volunteering Curriculum Establishing an innovated plan or programs for the school students to implant the volunteering culture in the student' s personality.