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Mashagel Platform


Mashagel is an electronic platform dedicated to marketing and selling products made with hands of people of determination with great care, creativity and innovation. The manufacture of these products enhances the role of people of determination in highlighting their talents and innovations to be an effective part in developing their society and be more confidence as individuals and partners in economic development.

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Qelada is one of the products displayed on Mashagel portal made with the hands of people of determination distinguished with complete professionalism. Qelda launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, may God protect him. The project is considered a new station for empowering people of determination. The project is characterized by its artistic products made from money scraps that are formed with charming touches inspired by people of determination, in a way that help people of determination to effective in their bright professional future that encourages participation, giving.

Accepted payment methods

  • Cash on Delivery
  • Pay by bitcoins

Loyalty points

When purchasing any product on mashagel portal, loyalty points will be calculated for every dirham, and these points can be redeemed with rewards from products of people of determination.