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    Social media has distracted family members from social media “among each other” and others as well



eDecision Making Result

We post, through the results of electronic decision-taking, the decisions taken or the initiatives implemented after the gathering and analyzing the public opinion in the advices of Ministry of Community Development for the last 12 moths..

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advice on the Happiness of Parents About Having Thier Children in Educational Stages and Benefting From Distance Learning Systemin the Emarati Society

- Ministry of Community Development launches " Kheta" platform to support people of determination and thier families during Covid 19 Pandemic 

- Ministry of Community Development organizes remote rehabilitation workshops to support people of determination through " Mashaghel" 

advice about the importance of the role of family counceling centers in reducing divorce cases in the UAE Society

" Edaad Program" its a service to qualify youth who are about to get married through lectures given for husband and wife about the imprtance of marriage and how to maintain family cohesion.

- " Taaluf" its a service for family consultations through awareness eposides.During Covid 19 Pandemic , the eposides were published ONLINE through Instegram social media.