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MOCD Smart App

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Ministry of Community Development smart app contains the following:
  • Main services, Enquiry, Media Center, FAQs, Laws, Contact us, Location map, Document library
  • Usrati Mai: This application is a preliminary measure that helps to recognize the level of your child in a range of developmental areas compared to children of the same age, and it is a quick survey evaluation that gives a general picture of the child, in order to refer him to specialists if he has any developmental delay. We hope the accurate answers to the questions will help build a more accurate picture of your child's abilities.
  • Edkhar: An initiative that aims to enhance the concept of saving among families through a smart application through which families are helped to manage their budgets in proportion to their basic and luxury needs and it serves all family members.
      The initiative aims to:
    1. Spreading the culture of savings among the community members and instilling the concept of saving and its importance in the hearts of children and their parents.
    2. Developing society economically and advancing economic development.
    3. Raising family awareness of financial planning and its importance for moving from consumption to saving, then investment, and limiting the consumerism of families.
    4. Consolidating the concept of saving and its importance in establishing the foundations of the family and its stability.
  • Medical Agenda: It is a health reference to follow up on the health of the elderly person, where daily vital measurements and medical appointments are written, and some health symptoms that he may complain about or appear suddenly and their specifications, so that the attending physician can accurately diagnose the condition and give the necessary treatment for it.
    * It also contains some important health information that the elderly and his family must know to ensure the elderly have a safe and healthy life.
  • Soun: Innovative System for Early Detection Against Potential Abuse of any family member, maintains the stability of all the family and achieves their wellbeing in the society. The initiative comes as part of the efforts of the Ministry of Community Development with its strategic partners in the field of family protection based on the outcomes of the family protection policy.
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Explore, drive and spread joy!

As a citizen of the Kid X city, you have answered the call to help your community. As your journey begins you are tasked with missions from different government departments. To be successful and earn your stars, you will have to learn about the roles of these different departments in our society. Help solve problems by working with each department and make the city a happier place for everybody!

Kheta - Practitioner
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Enable People of Determination

kheta helps you and your team to work with people of determination and supports them to reach their fullest potential.

Kheta - Family
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Keeping your child closer

Kheta supports you to help your child reach his fullest potential.