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    Social media has distracted family members from social media “among each other” and others as well




All Questionnaires are available in Arabic
  1. Questionnaire About Customers Happiness on MInistry of Community Development Website 2021 
  2. Qestionnaire About the satisfaction of Community Categories on the initiatives and activities of Ministry of Community Development-2021
  3. Questionnaire about supporting the recovery phase and returning to normal life in UAE Society
  4. Study the advantages of completing marriage without any wedding celebrations in light of the exitstance of covid 19
  5. ٍQuestionnaire (age group of the child (7 - 14) years - - a questionnaire for parents
  6. Indiviuals Awareness Percentage about the importance of Family Consultation Centers Questionnaire
  7. Survey on The Impact of Virus Corona (Covid 19) on UAE Society  

Archived survives:

  1. Questionnaire of Measure Customer Satisfaction on MOCD e-services
  2. Questionnaire of Services Provided to People of Determination
  3. Questionnaire of Service Provided to Senior Emartis
  4. Questionnaire of Measure Customers Knowledge and Awareness on electronic/smart services
  5. Questionnaire of Early divorce in the UAE community
  6. Questionnaire of Awareness of UAE community members about the role of family counseling centers