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Term Terminology
Country United Arab Emirates.
Ministry Ministry of Community Development
Social Subsidy ProgramA comprehensive, flexible and integrated program that provides financial support to enhance the quality of life of Emirati individuals and families. It was launched by the Ministry of Community Development in implementation of the vision of the wise leadershipand a translation of the directives of the UAE government, in line with living requirements and developments, with the aim of ensuring a better quality of life at the family and community levels.
Inflation Allowance 

Flexible and variable government subsidy, disbursed on a monthly basis to citizen families, in light of rising prices and inflation at the local and global levels, and in accordancewith economic and social developments, enabling beneficiaries to meet living needs, which include fuel allowances, food allowances, and electricity and water allowances.

Grant Marriage grant is a mean of financial support provided for the men who are about to get married, to contribute in the establishment of a stable and firm Emirati family, within the conditions and regulations of the grant which contributes to encouraging marrying Emirati women
Acknowledging the actual marriage

Authentication of an acknowledgment of marital consummation

E’edad program Mandatory courses to educate the candidates about marriage.
Open Data

Open government data is defined as all data and information that is produced, collected, or purchased by government institutions, which is not confidential, including statistics, data and information resulting from government-funded projects with the aim of enabling researchers to access information that can be used. To conduct research and studies in a safe and reliable manner. The Ministry of Community Development provides many files and documents that include content for use and reuse within the concept of "open data", which aims to enhance participation and raise the level of general and specialized knowledge of the Ministry's work and practices, in compliance with the principles of transparency, openness, cooperation and participation.

AutismAutism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a disorder in the central nervous system and a type of developmental disorder that begins at the early stages of growth and is associated with malfunction in the development of sensory and linguistic perception hence affects the ability of individuals to communicate and interact socially and leads to different behaviors and responses towards environmental stimulants.   More...