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Open Data Policy

The open data policy is one of the pioneering practices that reflect the Ministry's desire for continuous development through openness to its customers by providing all the data and information they need in a transparent and smooth manner, enabling them to follow up and contribute to the services and activities carried out by the Ministry.

The call for this policy is consistent with the UAE federal authorities with strategic objectives, including the provision of government-centric services. The concept of open data indicates that information and data must be made available to everyone so that they can access, reuse and redistribute them without any restrictions.


This policy aims at presenting a set of guidelines that the federal authorities must adhere to when following the data policy on their open data.

General Specifications of Available Data:

When following open data policies on their websites, government agencies are expected to adhere to the following guidelines at the minimum:

  • The published data should cover the services and activities of the government agency that would be of value to the customer/visitor of site.
  • The visitor can access the data without any obstacles (for example: request for registration).
  • The data is published in the form of files that can be "cut and paste" and downloadable.
  • Among the preferred formats of files used for the data available are both Word and Excel because they give full freedom to users.
  • The website visitor should be able to give an opinion on the published data.
  • The data should be published in a way that is easy to read.
  • The site user will be able to know the type and size of the file as well as the time it takes to download it before downloading it.
  • If the file needs a specialized program to run, the user must be alerted to the site.
  • Enable all possible interfaces with data users, and create links to electronic platforms where such data is discussed such as forums, blogs, Facebook pages, etc.
  • The open data page should contain an open data policy that gives users a clear and unambiguous license to use, distribute, and so forth.

Terms of re-use

  1. All visitors of the Ministry of Community Development portal have the right to view, use and reuse all files and data onthe open data page. We ask users to familiarize themselves with the policies and requirements for using open data, and to adhere to the following controls when using that data:
  2. When using this data, it must be indicated that its source is the electronic portal of the Ministry of Communityopment in ordeDevelr to preserve the Ministry's ownership of the data and its reliability and validity of its source .
  3. The user of the data and information must indicate the source of the data and information in the event of re-use by placing a link to the website of the Ministry of Community Development to preserve the intellectual property of the data and its reliability and validity of its source and history.
  4. The Ministry of Community Development is not responsible under any circumstances for any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential damages, special or exceptional, that may arise from the use or inability to use this open data, including without limitation loss of income or loss Reputation, loss of work, loss of data, computer breakdown, wrong operation, or any other damages.
  5. Open data user acknowledges its on the website of the Ministry of Community Development by e Sthaddamh data open its own responsibility and the ministry does not assume any liability whatsoever to update all open data in the future especially when they are based on assumptions about current and forecasts may lead to the occurrence of certain risks and raise Some doubts about the results show a mismatch between the actual reality and the expected future and its estimates
  6. The ministry is responsible not considered legally responsible for any damage which may be exposed to the user or any other person as a result of e secret infringement on the information that the user may be transferred from the open data partition and does not compensate them for it .
  7. This data is considered usable, re-used and republished by any individual or legal or governmental person .
  8. The Ministry of Community Development disclaims all implied warranties and conditions with respect to the information published in the open data section

 Responsibility of the Ministry of Community Development

Would like the ministry to emphasize on it does not bear any consequences or damage directly or not directly, may arise from the use of this data available on its website, and that responsibility lies on the responsibility of the user .


Responsibility of the data user :

User data is in charge of re - use of data and must be produced for re - use of data of any errors related to the content of the data, and the source and history