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Reporting an Abuse

  • Service Description

    A service provided to individuals subjected to abuse in all its forms, in order to preserve their safety and provide them with the necessary support.

    You must create a personal profile to benefit from this this service by clicking this link

    Or you can quickly register your abuse report/complaint by clicking this link

    The expected time to obtain the service is within one working day of receiving the call.

  • Point of Service Delivery

    Social Protection Department

  • The Target Audience

    All Community Individuals

  • Documents Required

    • Copy of emirates ID card
    • Medical report (if any)
    • Court ruling (if any)
  • Service Delivery Channels

    The Social Protection Department receives reports and complaints through:
    smart app
    • Call Center: 800623
    Child Protection Unit: 056 1776832
  • Channel to get the Service

    • Telephone.
    • E-mail.
    • Personal attendance (if necessary).

  • Service Code


  • Steps to implement the service

    1. Submitting the application through the service delivery channels.
    2. The customer receives a message  upon the receipt of his application.
    3. The concerned team will process the request
    4. Notifying the customer during the application processing stages.
    5. To follow up on the status of the application by:
    Call Center 800623
    smart app

  • Service Conditions and Requirements

    Anyone who has been abused or whose rights have been violated or who witnessed the incident can report it.
    With reference to any party to which the applicant has previously notified the same complaint.


You can view the video that explain the submission steps in addition to filling the offline form.

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