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Issue License for Family Consultation Offices  

  • Service Description

    Licensing non-governmental family counseling centers

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  • Point of Service Delivery

    Ministry of Community Development, Family Development Department

  • The Target Audience

    Members of the society who are fulfilling the conditions of licensing the family counseling center

  • Documents Required

    • One Photograph
    • Passport Copy
    • ID card
    • The educational qualification for the license applicant
    • Copy of the partnership contract (in case of partners)
    • Certificate of good behavior
    • The Applicant CV 
    • The building plan showing the dimensions and sizes of rooms, halls, corridors and facilities
    • A copy of the site's title deed or a copy of the lease contract
    • Employee documents (copies of their Emirates ID, passports, educational qualifications and their labor card)
    Documents required after the initial approval:
    • A certificate from the municipality that the health conditions are fulfilled.
    • A certificate from the Civil Defense Department that the requirements for prevention and fire fighting are fulfilled.
    • A copy of the commercial or professional license from the Department of Economic Development
  • Service Delivery Channels

    Website and Smartphone

  • Channel to get the Service

    Website and Smartphone

  • Service Code


  • Service Director

  • Service Site

    Website and Smartphone

  • Steps to implement the service

    1. Submit the request via website or smart device.
    2. Processing the completed application In the event that complete information is not provided, the application will be rejected.
    3. Pay the fees for this service via the e-dirham card, the new generation.
    4. Issuing the center's license according to the approved procedures.
    5. Fill the template for isuing the license.
  • Service Conditions and Requirements

    • With the exception of conciliation service between those wishing to marry, obtaining a license to provide the services stipulated in Article (5) of this decision is as follows:
    • That the license applicant be UAE citizen if he is a natural person, that the share of the citizen partner is not less than (51%) in the capital of the center if he is a legal person.
    • That the license applicant possesses an accredited university qualification in special education, psychology, counseling, mental health, sociology, social service, or other scientific disciplines related to family affairs from one of the universities certified in UAE.
    • The applicant’s age should not be less than 30 years old, and he must have full civil capacity.
    • The applicant for a license has not been previously convicted of a felony or misdemeanor that violates honor or trust, even if he has been rehabilitated.
    • That the license issued to him has not been canceled for violating any of the conditions and controls stipulated in this decision, unless more than (3) three years have passed since this cancellation.
    • Providing an independent and appropriate headquarters for the center, provided that this headquarters meets all the technical, engineering, health and environmental conditions approved by the concerned authorities in this regard.

    To obtain a license to provide conciliation service between those wishing to marry, the following are required:

    • That the license applicant be a citizen of the state and fully own the center.
    • The academic qualification of the license applicant should not be less than high school or its equivalent.
    • That the work of the center be limited to providing reconciliation service between those who wish to marry exclusively.
    • That the applicant fulfill the conditions stipulated in Clauses (3, 4), (5), (6) of Paragraph (A) of this Article.C. Any other conditions specified by a decision of the Minister.


You can view the video that explain the submission steps in addition to filling the offline form.

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