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Request for adopting child

  • Service Description

    Adopting children of unknown parentage in foster families, according to a special system that guarantees them their rights, and guarantees them all aspects of appropriate care, whether health, psychological, social, educational or recreational care, as well as protecting them from being abused, and creating and securing the living conditions necessary for their normal growth.
    Adopting requests are subject to study to nominate families who meet the requirements stipulated in Federal Law No. 1 of 2012 regarding the care of children of unknown parentage and its executive regulations, and then communicate with the family if the child is available.

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  • Point of Service Delivery

    Ministry of Community Development, Social Protection Department

  • The Target Audience

    Emirati families who planning to adopt child

  • Documents Required

    • Copy of Emirates ID card
    • Personal photo
    • Copy of the Family book
    • Copy of the Passport
    • Disease free certificate
    • Salary certificate - If she works - or family income statement.
    • Certificate of good conduct
    • Home ownership or a copy of the rental contract
    • Copy of the Marriage certificate (if any)
    • Copy of the academic qualification (if any)
  • Service Delivery Channels

    Website, smartphone

  • Service Code


  • Steps to implement the service

    1. Submit the request via website or smart device 
    2. You must create a personal profile to benefit from this this service by clicking this link
    3. Submit the registration form.
    4. Attach all the required document
    5. The customer will receive an e-mail and a text message (if he has an account) when applying and when the order status changes.
    6. Customer Service will review the submitted data, if complete information is not provided, the application will be rejected.
    7. After successful data validation, the transaction will be transferred to the appropriate department
  • Service Conditions and Requirements

    Requirements for a foster family:

    • To be a Muslim citizen residing in the state.
    • It must consist of two spouses, neither of whom is less than (25) years old.
    • That neither of the spouses have been convicted of a crime involving breach of honor or trust.
    • To prove that they are free from contagious and psychological diseases and mental disorders that affect the child's health and safety, through a report issued by an official medical authority. 
    • The family is able to financially support its members and the child in custody.
    • That you pledge to treat the child well, give him a good upbringing, and take care of his health, education, protection and development.
    • Any other conditions determined by the Minister based on the committee’s recommendation, in a manner that does not conflict with the provisions of this law.
    • The Minister may exclude some foster families with regard to the condition that they be free from diseases that do not pose a threat to the health of the child.


You can view the video that explain the submission steps in addition to filling the offline form.

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