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Apply to Participate in Mass Wedding

  • Service Description

    Organize collective weddings through which a number of young men are married to a similar number of young women with the aim of reducing marriage costs

    You must create a personal profile to benefit from this this service by clicking this link

  • Point of Service Delivery

    Marriage Grant Department

  • The Target Audience

    Citizens of the United Arab Emirates who wish to participate in group weddings, organize mass weddings through which numbers of young people are married to similar numbers of young women in order to reduce the costs of marriage

  • Documents Required

    1. A detailed salary certificate for the husband that includes all bonuses.
    2. A bank certificate that includes the IBAN
  • Service Delivery Channels

    MOCD Website, Smart Application

  • Channel to get the Service

    The entities that have been integrated with to facilitate the service

    FederalMinistry of JusticeProof of marriage and divorce
    Federal Authority of Human ResourcesObtaining employee data in the government sector
    Ministry of Human Resources and EmiratisationData of employees in the private sector as well as those registered in the employment system, data of trade licenses (number of companies, their names, expiry date, employees and their data)
    Federal Authority of Identity and CitizenshipPersonal data of applicants and family book data
    Ministry of EconomyTrade licenses
    Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi MunicipalityOwner's Profile
    Department of Economic Development - Abu DhabiTrade licenses data
    Judicial Department - Abu DhabiMarriage contract details
    DubaiDubai CourtsProof of marriage and divorce
    Dubai Land DepartmentLand data, Ejari
    SharjahDepartment of Planning and Survey - SharjahData on lands, real estate and farms
    Sharjah Human ResourcesEmployer, date of joining and monthly salary
    AjmanAjman Real Estate Regulatory AgencyOwner's Ownership
    Municipality and Planning Department - AjmanTenancy Contracts
    Economic Development - AjmanTrade licenses data
    Human Resources Authority - AjmanEmployment data for the Emirate of Ajman
    Ras Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah MunicipalityTenancy Contracts, Property Data
    Umm Al QuwainDepartment of Economic Development - Umm Al QuwainTrade licenses data
    FujairahDepartment of Economic Development - FujairahTrade licenses data
    Fujairah MunicipalityLand data, rent data

  • Service Code


  • Service Director


  • Steps to implement the service

    1. Submit the request via website or smart device
    2. You must create a personal profile to benefit from this this service by clicking this link
    3. Fill the mandatory fields required for data (husband, wife, relatives data)
    4. Upload the required documents
    5. Submit to complete the application
  • Service Conditions and Requirements

    1. The applicant and his wife shall be UAE citizens
    2. The conditions and rules for obtaining the marriage grant shall not apply to the applicant
    3. The applicant shall have not participated previously in a prior mass wedding
    4. The husband shall not have (actually) married his wife yet at the time of mass wedding


You can view the video that explain the submission steps in addition to filling the offline form.

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