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Year of Zayed

Year of Zayed

Masaai Al Khair
Masaai al khair

The Ministry of Community Development (MOCD), in collaboration with Dubai Holding, announced today the launch of ‘Masaai Al Khair’ initiative, which provides home maintenance and renovation support for social security beneficiaries and low-income families in Dubai to the tune of AED 10 million. Dubai Municipality will take on the evaluation of the residential units and technical execution of the project.

The launch of ‘Masaai Al Khair’ marks Zayed Humanitarian Work Day, held annually on the 19th day of the Holy Month of Ramadan under the slogan ‘Love and Loyalty for the Generous Zayed’. The initiative aligns with the UAE government's directives to enhance the quality of life for the country’s citizens and residents. It also aims to embed social responsibility as a core social value in the UAE, underpinned by harmonious and cohesive communities envisioned by the National Agenda of the UAE Vision 2021.

Per the agreement, MOCD will identify social security beneficiaries and low-income families in Dubai. Eligible beneficiaries are evaluated through a qualification process and specific criteria that studies individual cases as presented by the Ministry. Each case will undergo a technical assement followed by refurbishment works by the Dubai Municipality.

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Form an Emirati Family

The initiative “Form an Emirati Family”, as part of the ministry’s efforts to achieve the vision of the federal government 2021 through continuous and comprehensive support for the youth categories who wish to get married; such initiatives enhance transition from community care to community development.

The initiative sponsors all individual weddings for UAE nationals who are not eligible for the marriage grant and covers all the financial costs of the wedding ceremony by the association as per the agreed amount with the wedding organizer company under Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed For Humanitarian Foundation

Save a Bird

The Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) has launched the ‘Save a Bird’ campaign to mark the Year of Zayed and Zayed Humanitarian Work Day, celebrated every year on the 19th day of the Holy Month of Ramadan.

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