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Young people about to get married

Marriage Support

Ministry of Community Develoment



1-Marriage Grant:

The goal of the marriage grant is to provide financial support to future spouses and contribute to a cohesive and stable emirati family in a coherent community. To apply for service click here

Required Documents:

  • Marriage contract certified copy
  • Spouses ID Copy
  • Husband’s Family Book Copy
  • Father in Law Family Book Copy-Cancellation Date
  • Monthly Income Document
  • Land, Property and Trade License Ownership Document
  • Bank Statement and IBAN Number
  •  Original or certified true copy from the competent court approving the legal entry in the presence of the wife or her guardian


  • Husband and Wife Must be UAE Nationals
  • Husband must be at least 21 years and wife not less than 18.
  • Husband unable to pay marriage costs
  • Husband’s monthly net income must not exceed 25000 AED
  • Grant Submission within 6 Months of Marriage Contract Date
  • Aِِttending all awareness lectures and seminars “Eddaad”

2-Eddaad Program:

“Eddaad” program focuses on the preparation of future spouses to take full family responsibilities through several workshops that highlight various aspects of life organized on a weekly basis all over the UAE and provided by a number of family counsellors according to a schedule available through the website of the Ministry. To apply for service click here

  • The program targets future spouses’ beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries of the grant
  • The goal of the program is to provide UAE nationals with the knowledge and skills necessary to establish a safe and stable family.
  • Attendance is mandatory for marriage grant beneficiaries (both husband and wife).

3-Mass Weddings:

The purpose of mass weddings is to encourage emirati marriage. It is one of the most important inherited traditions and values of the UAE and it enhances the national efforts to connect young people with deep rooted past and traditions. To apply for service click here 

Required Documents:

  • ID cards of both spouses  
  • Marriage Contract issued by the court
  • Family Book Copy with added wife and first child and page (32)
  • Husband’s Monthly Salary issued by employer
  • Confirmation of in completed marriage by the court
  • Bank Certificate including IBAN Number
  • Acknowledgement and Undertaking


  • Husband and Wife must be UAE Nationals
  • Rules and Conditions of obtaining a marriage Grant do not apply on the applicant
  • Applicant must not have participated in a mass wedding previously.
  • Husband cannot physically cohabitate with his wife (Nikah) until the due date of the mass wedding