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Registration in early intervention center/ unit

  • Service Description

    This service is to register children in early intervention centers and units to obtain the necessary training and rehabilitation to enable them to integrate into society. You must create a personal profile to benefit from this this service by clicking this link This service is available throughout the year

  • Point of Service Delivery

    Early intervention centers/ units

  • The Target Audience

    Children with developmental delays, Children with disabilities, Children at risk of developmental delay, Aged from (0-5) Citizens and children of female citizens

  • Documents Required

    • Family book  

    • Passport copy 

    • Copy of identity of citizens of the United Arab Emirates 

    • Medical report for (physical, sensory, psychological and communication disability) and psychological report for (intellectual disabilities, autism, attention deficit and hyperactivity) from an official accredited entity (optional)  

    • Auditory examination (optional) 

    • Personal photos with a white background 

  • Service Delivery Channels

    • Early intervention centers / units
    • MOCD website and smart application

  • Service Code


  • Steps to implement the service

    1. Register on mocd website
    2. Define a date for evaluation
    3. Conduct a multidisciplinary assessment
    4. Issuing the decision of the diagnosis committee at the center
    5. Issuing the decision of the civil committee
    6. The guardian's signature on the results of the evaluation

  • Service Conditions and Requirements

    • To be a citizen of UAE or son of female citizens of UAE 

    • Applicant should be between 0 and 5 years of age. 

    • Child abilities enable them to benefit from services available in centers of care and rehabilitation of people of determination. 

    • Approval and consent of status committe


You can view the video that explain the submission steps in addition to filling the offline form.

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