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Request For POD Formal Letters

  • Service Description

    An official document stating that the student is registered in one of the centers affiliated to the Ministry of Community Development. Issuance of a To Whom It May Concern Certificate service is available for people of determination - for continuing studies for students registered in government centers for people of determination only.

  • Point of Service Delivery

    Website of Ministry

  • The Target Audience

    Students enrolled in the Centers for People of Determination and Early Intervention of the Ministry of Community Development

  • Documents Required

    No Document 

  • Service Delivery Channels

    Ministry Website 

  • Channel to get the Service

    Ministry Website 

  • Steps to implement the service

    • Submitting the application through the website of the Ministry of Community Development.

    • Choosing the type of center the student is enrolled in (People of Determination Center or Early Intervention)

    • Enter the student ID number

    • Receive a text message with a secret number, after which the number is entered on the site

    • Receive the certificate via e-mail

  • Service Conditions and Requirements

    The student must have been enrolled in one of the People of Determination or early intervention centers of the Ministry of Community Development for a minimum of 3 months


You can view the video that explain the submission steps in addition to filling the offline form.

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