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Support Sustainable Development Goals

The Ministry of Community Development is playing its role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs as part of the United Arab Emirates GOVERNMENT, which was represented by many services and initiatives directly reflected in the Sustainable Development Goals:

(1) No Poverty

  1. Apply for Social Aid
  2. Support products for Production families
  3. Marriage grants

(3) Good Health And Well-Being

  1. Nemow App
  2. Registration of a Senior Emirati ( Elderly people) in an elderly Care Center
  3. Providing health care to People of Determination (Disabled People)

(4) Quality Education

  1. Rehabilitation Schools for People of Determination
  2. Booklet: Conscious Generation… A Safe Community

(5) Gender Equality

  1. Federal Child Rights (Wadeema)
  2. Request for family counseling

(8) Decent Work and Economic Growth

  1. Training and vocational education for productive families

(10) Reduce Inequalities

  1. Massara Card for Senior Emiratis
  2. Integrate People of Determination into society
  3. Participation in Eddad Program

(17) Partnerships for the Goals

  1. Signing MOUs with many federal and local government departments
  2. Signing a MOU with NEM Blockchain
  3. Signing a MOU with The Alliance for Global Stentability AGS on the circular economy
  4. Sign a MOU with NOON